A collection of extra-wide pure linen fabrics, Linen Anthology conjures up the expressive strength and evocative power of natural yarns, embracing different grades of transparency and texture. From powder pink and glacier blue to ivory white and ardoise hues; the collection recalls the softest shades of evocative landscapes.


Long linen fibers are sourced exclusively from France and Belgium, where climate, soil and the age-old experience of flax growers conspire to produce the tallest linen crops and ensure a more resistant, luminous, and well-defined yarn. Nine different yarn counts, from ultra-fine to coarser ones, animate fabrics of always different personalities. Weaving takes place in Italy, where savoir-faire encounters the most avant-garde finishing solutions.


Our linen fabrics are natural, sustainable, and local, from European Flax fibre to yarn to textile. The linen fabrics Mires, Antibes, Tadzio, Sauternes, April, Flaubert, Signor Darcy, Giza, Amalfi and Augusto obtained the international MASTERS OF LINEN and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (Class 2) certifications. They guarantee 100% European traceability and the absence of harmful substances.

The result is a collection of extremely soft and natural fabrics, whose flair is enhanced by use and the passage of time.

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