Divine Pleasures: a project by studiolucaguadagnino for Dedar at Nomad Venice

“Divine Pleasures” is a project by studiolucaguadagnino for Dedar, on display at NOMAD Venice, the travelling showcase for contemporary art and collectable design. The installation is inspired by the book “Divine Pleasures: Painting from India’s Rajput Courts” (The Kronos Collections, author Terence Mclnerney). The volume has put together a collection of perfect reproductions of ancient Indian Court miniature paintings dating back to the XVI-XVIII centuries, rich in bright luminous colours.

Inside Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, a late-gothic Venetian residence, the design studio founded by film director Luca Guadagnino has created a room in which precious fabric-clad pyramids hang from the ceiling and reflect themselves in a mirrored floor. With their bright colours and rich textures, textiles are the unquestioned protagonists of the space and its walls: from satins to velvets, from cotton to raw silk.

Entirely handmade and covered in “Pianoforte” outdoor fabric by skilled artisans, one hammock stands on the floor. Freestanding and folding, the hammock goes beyond its function as a mere furniture piece to become an object of desire, a travel companion, a garden accessory. “a high-end resting object immersed in a unique and precious room” (Luca Guadagnino).

The project is on display at Nomad Venice from September 5 – 8.



Aplomb, wool satin, col. 19 Kiwi
Arbus, lively twill, col. 12, Zucca, col. 10 Rosato
Fanfara, hand-woven Shantung, col. 106 Black
Idea, three-dimensional Raffia, col. 2 Pelle
Lipstick, bright satin, col. 18 Corail Rose, col. 26 Bianco
Nouvelles Vagues, tiger coat on velvet, col. 4 Tiger Eyes
Supernatural, high-performance fabric, col. 6 Powder Rose
Tabularasa, cotton satin, col. 116 Absinthe, col. 125 Acqua, col. 162 Pavone
Tiger Silk, tibetan-inspired design on silk, col. 3 Electric Orange, col. 4 Miami Green



Splendido, bright and soft velvet, col. 8 Saffron



Pianoforte, outdoor fabric, col. 5 Raffia