Linen Anthology

Linen Anthology celebrates the sartorial charm of classic linen fabrics. Canvases, panamas, chevrons, gauzes and twills: 11 new fabrics in 69 colour options, they are all made of 100% linen and feature extra-wide widths up to 330 centimetres.

A wide range of weaves, 9 different yarn counts and a delicate palette of 69 light and neutral colours animate fabrics of different types and personalities; from semi-transparent sheers to heavier curtains, with weights varying from 150 to 1.575 g/lm.

Long linen fibres are carefully selected from Belgium and France, where the climate, soil and agriculture produce the tallest crop, ensuring a resistant, luminous and well-defined yarn. The weaving takes place in Italy, where experience from a long history with fashion textiles is combined with the most advanced finishing solutions.

The result is a collection of extremely soft, natural fabrics that improve with age when used.

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