Sinequanon col.14 eggplant

Panama weave with slightly shot yarns. Even here the Dedar offer extends with the linen and viscose cloth, which is durable, bright, boasts a rich texture (Flair, Fifty Fifty, Chambray, Aut Aut, Arbus). A special, careful blend of linen and viscose and a new construction which enables a reduction of the textile weight whilst guaranteeing the aesthetic quality, usage and durability, and also offering good value. This textile, just like the others in this range, feature a waterrepellent treatment which offers specific protection from liquids and oils.
  • Код00.T18007_014
  • Состав60%CV 16%LI 13%CO 6%PES 5%PAN
  • Весg/ml 663
  • Ширинаcm 140 – 55.12 inches
  • Вертикальное повторение
  • Горизонтальное повторение
  • ПрименениеОбивочные материалы для обычного/ интенсивного использования
  • CFAДа
  • Мартиндейл35.000
  • Уход