Tableaux Vivants

Relief Wallpapers

The Tableaux Vivants collection of fire-retardant wallpapers brings a delicate sculptural effect to the walls. Redefining an entire genre, it transfers to walls the typical character of ivory or marble inlays, and refined ceramics. Pensiero Selvaggio gives walls a freshness with the botanically inspired design derived from picturesque palm leaves. This new wallpaper joins three patterns already in the collection, which are now taking on a new form. Rosetta Wall the secret alphabet of signs traces a delicate motif. A livelier than ever version of Wild Party Wall brings a get-together of frogs, dragonflies, and geckoes on the surface. À Contre-Jour Wall, a suggestive play of light and shadow, moves towards the world of ceramics.

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Pensiero Selvaggio 00.D20803

Pensiero Selvaggio

Rosetta Wall 00.D20804

Rosetta Wall

Wild Party Wall 00.D20802

Wild Party Wall

À Contre-Jour Wall 00.D20801

À Contre-Jour Wall