Dedar at Centre Pompidou-Metz
The Centre Pompidou-Metz inaugurates the exhibition «Arcimboldo Face to Face»
The Centre Pompidou-Metz inaugurates «Arcimboldo Face to Face» , an exhibition scheduled to run until November 22.

Fruit of a dialogue between Maurizio Cattelan and Museum Director Chiara Parisi, who co-curates it with Anne Horvath, the exhibition presents a subjective portrait of the XVI century master through the eyes of modern and contemporary artists. The display highlights the relevance of Arcimboldo's approach, which has survived through the centuries, by looking at ways of depicting the decomposed, mechanised, disfigured and transfigured body.

In this context, Dedar has supported the museum with the production of a 12-metre wide and 5-metre high curtain which greets visitors at the Great Nave. Titled “Vigilância”, the drape was designed by Estudio Campana, who chose Dedar Lipstick satin for their artwork. With its 1,000 hand-sewn coloured eyes, it involved over 120 hours of work by six craftspeople.

"It was our way of presenting his heritage to visitors, as they go through this doorway into the exhibition. The attractive colours, provocative design and incredible attention to detail show visitors that, even six centuries later, the issues Arcimboldo raised are more relevant than ever," adds Fernando Campana.
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