Dedar X Persol

Dedar and Persol, two iconic Italian brands, celebrate their visions of design and craftmanship in a co-branded project through a unique interpretation of the legendary 649 Persol sunglasses, inspired by Dedar “Campus” fabric, with its unique colours and pattern. From movie sets to the most beautiful interior and outdoors spaces, both brands curate and envision the backdrop to a world of expression with a rich repertoire of unexpected shapes, colours and impeccably crafted materials, cultivating an ongoing dialogue with expert craftsmen to redefine tradition in contemporary terms. Celebrating the joy of outdoor living, both the eyewear and the fabric are designed to perform outdoor and indoor and to adapt with ease to a wide range of environments, be it on a boat or in the mountains, in all seasons and weather conditions. Persol 649 eyewear inspired by the colors of “Campus” Rouge Marinière and the packaging made with the same fabric are available on Persol website. 

To tell the story of this collaboration, the two brands curated an “architectural diary” featuring interior designers Gilles et Boissier, Storage Milano and Tristan Auer. Through a video story, each designer welcomes us into her/his studio and gives insights into unique interior design inspirations and interpretations of light in interior design projects.

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