Introducing Papier Français

We are pleased to announce that Dedar started distributing the authentic wallpaper collection of the new French brand Papier Français.

Founded in Paris in 2019, Papier Français is specialized in the production of historic wallpapers discovered in the archives of the most prestigious institutions. The first collection borns from the union of tradition and new technologies: more than 80 patterns of 18th and 19th centuries have been chosen from among the hundreds of originals preserved in the National Library of France (BnF) and transformed into authentic wallpapers, thanks to the meticulous work of restoration by digital technologies. Royal, revolutionary, imperial and republican, BnF mission has since consisted in collecting, archiving, conserving and maintaining everything that is printed and published in France.

Papier Français successfully revived all the richness and hybrid creativity of technical masteries, re-proposing abstract, natural and imaginative motifs with an innate modernity. Wallpapers are available on a bespoke and customizable basis, with each reference offered in three finishes (Non-Woven Matte Finish, Vinyl Linen, Vinyl Performance). In addition to the possibility of customizing the colors of each pattern, clients may also explore the brand archives to select and revive a never-produced wallpaper for a particular project.

The collection is developed in 6 categories, each of which brings together different worlds:

Animaux & Fruits : ripe fruit, songbirds and pets, here is a whole range of warm and round colours, with the languid atmosphere of a sunny end of day.

Antiques & Arabesques : a dream of grandiose refinement through antiques and arabesques, reminescent of the Renaissance and the sumptuous Roman vestibules.

Fleurs & Végétaux : delicate flowers, incandescent bouquets and lush vegetation compose a true floral symphony, offered in a range of thousand frangrances.

Géométriques & Architecturaux : straight, broken or wavy lines, diamonds, chevrons or squares proposed in multiple and combine patterns with contrasts of colour dancing in the space.

Scènes de Genre : walks in the forests and blooming gardens to discover the tenderly exchanged secrets of lovers.

Varia : the treasure chest of our childhood, made of linen and silver palmettes, rosettes, stripes and fine lace, flags fluttering in the wind.

The collection is available upon request in all Dedar showrooms and at Papier Français website.