Velvet collection
At the heart of the Dedar collection, with yarns of all kinds. Wool and silk velvets confer a soft hand and a bright luminosity. Cotton, mohair, linen and fire-retardant yarns explore the complete gamut of delicacy and strength, freshness and softness. The choice of yarn, pile density and height, and the weaving technique translates into soft feel and durability, as well as versatility of application: such is the product quality deriving from the Italian manufacturing tradition and a sequence of meticulously executed processes. The vast colour range is sumptuously lavish and constantly updated. From velvet plains, the classics of the textile tradition, to jacquards or épinglé variants, the collection stretches across different materials and inspirational sources to find its perfect equilibrium, poised between expressive beauty and functionality.
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Elektra 012
Fire-retardant velvet
Tiger mountain 001
Enigmatic jacquard velvet
Splendido 006
Silk velvet
Vladimiro 019
Mohair velvet
Adamo & eva 149
Cotton velvet
Scarabeo 001
Precious jacquard velvet
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