WOW!house 2024

On the occasion of WOW!house's return to London, Dedar presents the room entitled “Senza Fine”, a space conceived in collaboration with Fosbury Architecture.

Built within the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour, WOW!house is a showhouse featuring 19 full-size rooms designed by international architects and interior designers. For this occasion, Dedar presents “Senza Fine” (never-ending), a space between an interior design project and an installation, imagined in collaboration with the Italian architect studio Fosbury.

Dedar investigates the evolution of workspaces in a modern studio, juxtaposing a traditional office design with a more domestic context. In this dual dimension, the workspaces, each with its own characteristics, forms and suggestions, transform the environments and merge with them, making them hybrids.

Protagonists of the studio are yarns, with their intrinsic and expressive qualities, which cover large and small elements. Textiles lend themselves to transformations of places and furnishing objects, communicating through material, pattern and colour and finding different and surprising identities through use and context. Thus, every element in the studio is covered in textiles.

As a common thread, the colour white makes the space a setting of chromatic purity, while the mirrored walls extend the space to infinity.

Technical Partners: Pedrali, Jacaranda



4 June - 4 July

Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm


Chelsea Harbour Design Centre

London SW10 0XE