White Writings

An immersion in white that takes us along a trail of discovery. White Writings has the energy of the dawning light: a faceted and textural white. Sensorial references range from plaster and stuccowork to the irregularities of stone and wood to form delicate shadows and nuances. On the island of Stromboli, where man and nature live in an austere and timeless harmony, the fabrics of the collection recount the ancient dialogue between the textile art and the human presence, moving with lightness over dark beaches and inside candid white dwellings. This is a textile family poised between couture, painting, and sculpture. In sync with the research of abstract art, the expression of each fabric reflects the nature of the yarn or the technique: the fibres and processes are the elements that leave their mark. Embroideries, jacquards, and graphic strokes break loose from detail in a great abstract narration. | Photo credits: ®Andrea Ferrari